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Images Human Sexuality Series

June Stride, Richard Wolf
and Project Special Education staff

About Dr. June Stride

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Human Sexuality Program

Reading Level: Spache 3 to 4

For Use By: middle, junior, and senior high students; LD students; special-education students reading below level.




Memo from the Publisher

Dear Colleague:

Are you looking for an exciting new way to teach human sexuality? A way that:

  • gives you a controversy-free basic text - one you can share with parents.
  • allows you to stress the importance of long-term commitment in human sexuality relationships.
  • allows you to teach human sexuality easily - without a lot of prep time.

IMAGES is an objective, nonjudgemental text that qualifies for abstinence-based programs - without being preachy.

IMAGES can be a safe-haven text you can safely teach - even if you don't have a background in human sexuality education.


Roxann Kleinschmidt
For the Publisher

P.S. Please check below for an outline of the program, also please check out our value pricing for quantity orders.

IMAGES is a human sexuality text that emphasizes human relationships - not sensitive physical issues. Now you can tackle this difficult and controversial topic with confidence, even in you have no background in human sexuality education.

IMAGES helps you teach.

  • The format is easy to follow - three six-chapter text-workbooks with consistent structure and layout throughout.
  • Blackline Masters for each chapter provide extra activities to reinforce topics and allow students more time for learning.
  • The Teacher's Guides provide you with typical class responses to the text and the Blackline masters activities, to help you anticipate student reactions. The Teacher's Guides also state a clear objective for each activity plus a safe and positive response to help you summarize class discussions without worrying about making controversial statements.

IMAGES helps your students learn.

  • A romance novella introduces each chapter to grab student interest and keep even your LD students involved and reading.
  • Social and ethical components encourage students to assess ideas and feelings concerning sexuality in a noncontroversial basic text - one you can also share with parents.
  • High interest/low reading level (Spache 3 to 4) lets students feel successful.
  • Easy-to-use format allows students to work on their own and you to concentrate on teaching.


Victor - a gang leader kicked out of high school for truancy and now trying to make something of his life.

Maria - his tutor.

Victor, unaware of Maria's haunting past, sees her as a spoiled rich girl. Their love/hate relationship unfolds in the romance novella at the beginning of each IMAGES chapter.

This unique framework for a human sexuality course will enthrall your students. They will be drawn into the text that goes beyond the basic physical facts of most human sexuality courses to cover human relationship topics that students really want.

  • IMAGES concentrates on the topics your students really want - and need - to know.

  • IMAGES stresses love, responsibility, communication, and commitment.

  • IMAGES lets you avoid confronting students with your private views by speaking through third-person role models.

  • IMAGES uses a well-planned, consistent, controlled format to keep you from being sidetracked to risky topics.

  • IMAGES can be your safe haven for teaching human sexuality - even if you have no background in human sexuality education.

IMAGES program includes

  • three student text-workbooks.

  • three Teacher's Guides.

  • Blackline Masters.

  • Book Tests.


Images: Sexual Changes text-workbook   Images: Sexual Choices text-workbook   Images: Sexual Challenges text-workbook

Book One
Sexual Changes

  • Chapter 1: What is Male?
  • Chapter 2: Boys into Men
  • Chapter 3: Am I Normal?
  • Chapter 4: What is Female?
  • Chapter 5: Girls Into Women
  • Chapter 6: Am I Normal?

Book Two
Sexual Choices

  • Chapter 1: Getting Ready to Date
  • Chapter 2: Dating
  • Chapter 3: Getting Ready for Marriage
  • Chapter 4: Planning for Children
  • Chapter 5: The Unborn Baby
  • Chapter 6: Birth and the Newborn

Book Three
Sexual Challenges

  • Chapter 1: STDs
  • Chapter 2: AIDS: The Deadly Disease
  • Chapter 3: AIDS: Changing Behaviors
  • Chapter 4: Sexual Abuse: Protecting Ourselves
  • Chapter 5: Getting Help
  • Chapter 6: Becoming Your Personal Best


text pages   exercise pages
IMAGES Teacher's Guide

teacher's overview of the series.

answers to all of the objective questions in the text-workbooks.

blackline masters with extra activities to reinforce learning.

reviews and book tests to check student's progress.

a three-ring binder to keep all the sections together.

  IMAGES Teacher's Guides

Product Summary Value Pricing
Description Catalog Number 1 SET 2-9 SETS EACH 10+ SETS EACH
Student Text-Workbook Sets
Three-Book Student Set
IMSBT-W10 $38.75 $23.75 $20.50
Individual Books        
Sexual Changes IMSB1-W10 $14.75 $9.25 $8.50
Sexual Choices IMSB2-W10 $14.75 $9.25 $8.50
Sexual Challenges IMSB3-W10 $14.75 $9.25 $8.50
Teacher's Guides/Answer Keys
Teacher's Guide Set
IMTG-W10 $38.75
Individual Books    
Teacher's Guide 1 IMTG1-W10 $19.50
Teacher's Guide 2 IMTG2-W10 $19.50
Teacher's Guide 3 IMTG3-W10 $19.50

IMAGES Examination Set
Includes 1 Student Set, 1 Teacher's Guide Set.


IMAGES Classroom Starter Set
Everything needed for a class of 25. Save 10% off the price of these materials purchased individually!

The Starter Set includes:
25 Student Sets,
1 Teacher's Guide Set.



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